Day Of Tears

by abookormore

Title: Day of tears

Author: Julius Lester

Pages: 192

Publisher: Hyperion Books

‘Day of Tears’ is a combination of history and fiction, that reads like a play and feels like a punch in the gut.

Through the novel, readers are taken from plantation to plantation, focusing particularly on one extraordinary slave-girl named Emma who suffers and toils immensely for her rightful freedom.

The particularly refreshing aspect of Lester’s work, is the range of contrasting and complimenting view points the character’s hold about slavery as a concept. One father in slavery says that:

“You can live better in slavery than you can when you free”

And there are obviously those who disagree:

“[There was] a little white girl who hated slavery, too. She hated wrong”

Julius Lester is an american POC, so I do not believe he has included such quotes to excuse the actions of white people, but to craft a historically accurate account.

My rating: 4/5