Glass Sword

by abookormore

Title: Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Pages: 444

Publisher: Harper Teen

Admittedly, I couldn’t get into the book straight away because I spent the first 100 pages or so worrying that Glass Sword wouldn’t be as good as it’s predecessor, but Victoria Aveyard spent the rest of the book proving my worries utterly baseless.

Glass Sword may disappoint fans with it’s limited Maven content; I’d argue that when he did appear, this made it all the more sweet. Perhaps sweet is the wrong word, given he’s a manipulative and malicious monster… but who am I to judge?

The series has received criticism on it’s lack of originality, and some moments do scream ‘The Hunger Games,’┬ábut I’m a sucker for YA fantasy and I’ve certainly become hugely invested in Aveyard’s incredible characters.

If you liked Red Queen, I find it extremely difficult to believe you wouldn’t absolutely adore this next instalment.