by abookormore

Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Pages: 170

Publisher: Wordsworth Classics

On one hand, Frankenstein is a masterful classic- a pioneering work that makes one examine the tendencies of humanity as a whole, and one’s own, darker thoughts. On the other, you have a novel full of Frankenstein and his monster prating. This book could have been condensed to half the length.

It’s entirely possible that I just lack the sophisticated intelligence required to appreciate Shelley’s ¬†classic, but it really did get to the point amidst the book where all I wanted was for one of the characters to hurry up and off the other.

But, if you don’t mind battling through pages of a man cursing beautiful mountains because he believes his presence is tainting them, then congratulations! this book will certainly offer you a lot of food for thought. If not, just believe me when I say we can declare Victor Frankenstein as perfectly synonymous with ‘self pitying ass-hole’.