2016 wrap up

by abookormore

Last year I read 52 books out of a goal of 50, which needless to say, I’m happy with- though it does seem like reading goals are the only ones I can actually complete (rip).

Below is a summary of my 3 favourite and 3 least favourite reads last year… this excitement almost warrants party poppers, don’t ya think?

Least favourites

3. Frankenstein

I’m lazy, so if you care why this classic ended up here then my short review: https://abookormore.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/frankenstein/ might shed some light. I do respect this as a work of literature, don’t get me wrong. I just do not like it.

2. Demigods and monsters

This is Raye Wagner’s second installment of her ‘Sphinx’ series. Bafflingly, this has so far achieved a 4.3 average rating on Goodreads. A 4.3 rating for a sequel indicates a work of fiction where the plot progresses… a 4.3 rating signalizes a book that draws you closer to the characters… a 4.3 rating is not fitting for this book.

We’ll keep this short before I begin to rant, but I guess I was just disappointed that this new series of curses and mythology was reducing itself to a secret-ridden girl, sidelining her mission (and her readable story line) to work out her ever so confusing love triangle. Sigh.

1. Alice in Wonderland


I just didn’t really seem to get the appeal here. There’s an abundance of imaginative ideas (obviously) but I found Alice irritating and somewhat cringey, which is certainly not what one looks for in a protagonist.  I can’t say I enjoyed this which is disappointing. I will potentially read it again in the future to see if I can grasp some of its greatness because it just felt pointless to me, and still does. But hey, it was short so that’s a bonus.


3. Red Queen

Did I really just slander two loved and respected classics, only to appraise an over-hyped YA fiction? Well, at least I’m self aware! Victoria Aveyard  t r u l y  sucked me in with this addictive read. I lapped up all the descriptions of the powers and special abilities on show, I was shamelessly excited to see an arena, I adored the cast of characters. Later on in life, I may sigh at my love for this. For now though, my teen self will continue to inwardly squeal at this series; Its just a lotta fast-paced fun, my friends.

2. Skulduggery Pleasant series

This 9 book series is one heck of a ride and well worthy of being mentioned in my bookish highlights. The first book is the weakest for me- perhaps it was trying to find its feet? In any case, I’ll let it slide. Throughout the series there is an incredible and exciting cast of cool characters, who work to make up a delightfully witty dialogue. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes magic, a bit of violence, and who’s looking for a laugh. It does do to bare in mind that this series is targeted at younger readers, but I know myself and many others still found it immensely enjoyable.

1. Ender’s Game series (thus far)

~~~ Just as a disclaimer, I’d like to say that my respect for these books (Ender’s game and Speaker for the dead) doesn’t extend to a respect/ endorsement of any hurtful remarks from Orson Scott Card himself. It is sad that many readers have blacklisted this story due to the author, but I cannot blame them for it. ~~~

Ender’s Game is conceptually rich and immersive, and focuses on a young boy onto which the burden of winning a war is thrust. The writing is haunting in the way that it challenges morals and evokes emotion, but it also handles the action and the thrill present in any good sci-fi with adept ease. The sequel follows on so well, and is yet so different to the first, that the series is massively intriguing. It’s deep and it’s exciting. I really cannot wait to pick up the third book.


So there were my messy thoughts on last year’s reads! Feel free to comment if there was anything you agreed/disagreed with, but first and foremost thank you if you even read this far! A happy new year to you all x