Christian book haul

by abookormore

I put myself on a bit of a book ban this year. The aim was to blitz through the books I had on my shelf before 2017 and as far as I was concerned, it was going well; We were 8 months in and I’d only bought 7 books. Book lovers, you understand the struggle of holding back when charity/ book shops are always right around the corner… not to mention the internet.

But THEN came the holidays, and I went to a christian event called Newday and I also went camping with my church youth group. The book shops were well stocked at both, and really, can you stop yourself growing in your faith for the sake of a book ban? I don’t think so: the perfect excuse had arisen.


1. Storylines

Goodreads tells me that I’m 45% of the way through this, and I’m likin’ it. The book aims to take its readers through the 6 overarching themes of the Bible to help show us the relevance of scripture we might not have understood and to reveal the links between the new & old testament. It’s an easy read, the tone is friendly and it brings a lot of clarity.

2. Erasing Hell

I haven’t started this yet, but one of the main reasons I picked it up was because I heard one of the authors -Francis Chan- preach and it was extremely moving and compelling. (I laughed a lot as well). Now, that kind of speaker probably has an interesting thing or two to say. The blurb tells me that this book seeks to illuminate what the Bible actually says about hell, much needed in a time where many Christians feel too uncomfortable thinking about what the concept of hell could actually imply. This book has unsurprisingly got some mixed reviews, so I look forward to having a look myself.

Youth group camp

The book stall at camp had some absolute bargains, let me tell you. Pretty sure every book there was less than a fiver.

1. How can I be sure?

This is an addition to the ‘Questions Christians ask’ series (as is book #2) which I am definitely a fan of. As the title suggests, this is a book about all the times Christians have doubts about their faith. It deals with uncertainties that stem from things such as not having an ‘experience’ with God or wondering if you’re loved. I’m positive there’ll be a lot of content I can relate to and a lot of encouraging material.

2. How will the world end?

I finished this last week and gave it a 4 star rating. I was keen to begin it right away because it’s a question that confused me immensely. There’s always some horror movie about the Antichrist as well as a dozen different theories on Christians being zapped up to heaven, so I wanted to know what the Bible actually said about this stuff and what was just speculation. Disclaimer: I wasn’t disappointed. Although it isn’t much of a shock that people will read Revelation and have different interpretations, that shouldn’t divide our community. My personal opinion is still being formulated on this matter, but the important thing for Christians is that we unite in knowing Jesus will return. I think that’s a crucial point made by the author.

3. Ezekiel: For His Glory

This is one of many devotional books by 10Publishing. Before buying, I’d read their devotional through the book of Hosea and currently, I’m on Esther. I find the format of these books really helpful, so for £1.50 of course I was going to snap it up. Each page is numbered but undated so there’s no pressure to read them every day without fail. The explanations of passages (in the others I’ve read) were coherent easy reads and each of those sections end with a helpful reflection/ prayer.

4. Crazy Lazy

Despite this consisting of a mere 43 pages I’m expecting this to be convicting. It’s very telling that all of my family members were confident this was the book for me. The fact that this is my first post in about 8 months might also give you some insight into my need for a lil something on laziness. After all, I have an inkling that sloth wasn’t one of the fruits of the spirit.

Well, there we have it: the demise of a book ban, but a burst of new life into my bookshelves. Thanks for reading!